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Blog Assignment For 9/22 Part 2-Still Diverging

Next I took a look at Show Tracker from The LA Times


This blogs stock and trade is to report the breakdown of what happened on a particular show, be it political or funny, relevant or irrelevant. It seems they have a team of bloggers contributing singly or in tandem. One blog had just a run-down of David Lettersman’s top-ten list of Things overheard at Sarah Palin’s debate camp. It was in repsonse to McCain’s last-minute appearance cancelation.

In another post, a set of bloggers dissect an episode of The View where Elizabeth Hasselbeck was feeling left out of the politicall discourse with her co-hosts. It is interesting how the blogs short form really works as a small news piece in the guise of fluff.

The bloggers get to the point and make it easy to understand the goal of the individual entries. Further, the LA Times has a great deal of credibility in the Hollywood industry as well as the publishing and blogging world. (http://www.burrellesluce.com/top100/2008_Top_100List.pdf)


October 2, 2008 - Posted by | Entertainment, Television

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