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Blog Assignment For 9/22 Part 1-A Divergence

So I checked out The Medium, a blog from New York Times writer Virginia Heffernan. The focus of her blog seems to be whatever sparked her interest as she clicked mindlessly on stumbleupon.com. In one entry she is nuts about an internet only series about The History of Drunkedness. In reference to a bit about a drunken Pres. William Henry Harrison she bemuses, “I’m now confident I will never have to learn another thing about him. ”

She also takes wicked shots about a Gwyneth Paltrow interview where she was promoting her new self-improvement website. “My life is good because I am not passive about it,” Gwyneth states to the the interviewer matter-of-factly. “Who cares,” Heffernan writes in response to that interview, “I feel undernourished already.” It seems like she has found a strong, opinionated niche for her blog, it is for the sarcastic, intelligent, “new-sincerity” set.

Her credibility in the world of blogging has a lot to do with the support she has from The New York Times. I am not sure if she can necessarily be trusted because she deals very much in opinion. From what I have seen in the quality of her writing, she can be trusted to give a strong and insightful position.



October 2, 2008 - Posted by | Entertainment, Television

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  1. I have often been fooled by strong and insightful opinions posing as truth.

    Comment by Lori Hayes D'Arpino | October 13, 2008

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